Maria Buys a Bike

5 Apr

A video is worth 1000 words x 30 frames per second x 42 seconds = 1260000 words. I think I just wrote War and Peace?

After long and arduous consideration I settled on a Brodie Elan. Essentially, I spent a long time reading about optimal frame geometry and other technical blog posts, but made my decision based on actually sitting on the bike and testing the fit for myself. I added a Brooks saddle, clip-in pedals, and a front and rear rack.

The clip-in pedals are something else. Rob from Bikes on the Drive warned me to try clipping in/out in the living room or at least on a quiet suburban street. But I couldn’t wait of course. The same day I got my bike I tried the clips and  ended up falling over twice. (I am undamaged with the exception of some bruises.)

As further training I did a relaxed cycle tour to the Olympic Peninsula over the long weekend. Besides trying the bike I also tested out my Icebreaker merino wool bike clothes. I’d never really owned a pair of cycle pants with built-in cushioning for the, ahem, derrière. When I first put them on, it felt weird and I wasn’t totally sold on it. But after four days on a brand-new leather saddle I felt no real derrière discomfort. Pretty impressive.

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