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Testing the Waters

30 Apr

This past weekend was our first training outing. As a side benefit we cycled to the West coast of Vancouver Island, making our journey from all the way West to all the way East that much more complete. Actually as of the writing of this entry we are still cycling. The itinerary:

Day 1: Maria’s to Tsawwassen Ferry (9km), Swartz Bay to Victoria (33km), Victoria to French Beach (65km) — 107km
Day 2: French Beach to Sombrio Beach and back — ~80km
Day 3: Day 1 in the opposite direction — 107km

Though we still need to get a few more things and get more fit, we are very satisfied with our trial ride. We go at a compatible pace and are travelling well together. The gear we already have is holding up well to the elements. Some things we accomplished on the trip:

100+km days — check
camp in the rain — check
ride in the rain — check
steep gravel roads — check
yoga on the beach — check
not killing each other (yet!) — check

Stay tuned for photos, videos, and further commentary.

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