Route Selection

Here is our route:


How did we choose it? We didn’t! It chose us.

Your best resource for finding the best cycling routes are local people. Whether it is the info centres or the bike shop employees or local cyclists, they will know the local roads best and you should listen to them (with some discretion). It is always best to talk to actual cyclists. Even though motorists may know their roads and directions, they don’t often have a great sense of whether the road is good to cycle on.

Secondary roads are obviously preferred over the main highways, such as the Trans Canada Highway (TCH). Except for some sections where you don’t have an option but to take the TCH, like across Newfoundland and in between Manitoba and Ontario, we strongly recommend you stay away from the TCH!

There are some great cycling routes along the way. We did the Kettle Valley Railway in BC, Route Verte in Quebec, Confederation Trail in PEI and the Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia.

The Kettle Valley Railway is an old railway that was converted to a hiking and cycling trail. It is a gorgeous scenic route (particularly Myra Canyon), but if you are planning to cycle it, we advise to have thicker mountain bike tires on. It is a gravel road, with some sections rougher than others and sometimes full of sand – which is not the most pleasant to bike on.

The Route Verte is actually not one road, but a whole network of bike routes. They are well signed and easy to follow.

The Confederation Trail is also a whole network of bike routes. It is a gravel route, but it is very well maintained and has very gradual ups and downs. Considering that the rest of the roads on PEI are all ups and downs and with practically no shoulders, the Confederation Trail is THE route to ride on PEI.

The Cabot Trail is absolutely breathtaking, both from the scenery and the insanely intense hills along the way. It is definitely a cycling route to do, but beware – it is not easy!

When it comes to cycling in cities and towns, Google Maps cycling directions are usually great. Note the ‘usually’! But most of the time, it leads you through great city trails such as this one:

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