Roll the Credits

2 Oct

This project would not have been what it is without all the amazing
people we met along the way. So, in the order that we met, thank you:

To Daniel and Gary, for setting the standards so high for our next hosts
To Nat, for soup, books and cats
To Jarrett, for crazy firefighting stories
To Nancy, for the best yam soup in Canada
To Alison, Steven, Elliot and Bushy, for hemp beer and sky pie
To Jocelyn, for co-op insights
To Lia, for wine and art appreciation
To Katia, for the hot spring adventure
To Rose, for being wholesome
To Nicole, for furry ferret fun
To Emily, for the best bubble tea in the prairies
To Henry and Vivian, for an authentic Moroccan tea ceremony
To Alex, for philosophical musings
To Brennan and Edward, for luxurious hospitality
To Josiane and Robert, for chasing after us to invite us in
To Aaron, for the fun Winnipeg bike tour
To Eric, for a very pleasant ambulance ride to the lake
To Amanda, for the shiny rocks
To Al and Maria, for late night Carcassonne play off
To Pat, for a spontaneous welcome
To David and Cayla, for extending our couchsurfing
To Mary Jane and Dennis, for the thoughtful gifts
To Cory and Les, for a night with the pottery
To Justin, Shanti and Jeff, for a permacultural experience
To Yura, Katia, Nicola and George, for the fishing lesson
To Ed, for not arresting us
To Pat and Sherri, for architectural wonders
To Natasha and Ilya, for saving us from your cat
To Pierre, for a mindblowing four course dinner
To Sasha and Asya, for fireworks and Scrabble
To Cedric and Anika, for homemade kombucha
To Sharon and Andre, for the best free cyclists’ hostel
To Dany, Maite and Mateo, for not conforming
To Benoit, for garlicky goodness
To Iris, Alfred and Ernie, for pizza pockets and wine
To Charles and Marthe, for speeding uphill
To Amanda, for the Acadian partay
To Sebastien and Marianne, for homegrown dinner
To MacPhersons, for stagette madness
To Bob and Glenda, for real maple syrup
To Hamdi, for sailing and boardwalking
To Charlie, Ronny, Tessa, Jesse and Jaime, for backyard wilderness
To Kevin, for kayak-caught mackerel
To Rosie, for the fiddle music
To Allan, for random talks on the couch
To Bridget, for moose breakfast
To Randy and Sharon, for Newfie slang interpretation
To Jeremy, for spectacular views and history lessons

And most of all, a huge thanks to our dear parents, who provided us with constant moral support and occasional pampering.

2 Responses to “Roll the Credits”

  1. Srdjan October 13, 2012 at 11:53 pm #

    Свака част, дали сте нам свима домаћи задатак. Сад ћемо ми морати бициклима од Београда до Бурме…

    Сања и Срђан

    • Anya October 15, 2012 at 3:52 pm #

      What a coincidence… I’m coming to Belgrade at the end of this week. Maybe it is time for another homework assignment 🙂

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