Daily Tweets

Day 1. If rain on the 1st day of a trip is a sign of good luck, we’re the luckiest tourers around. Distance: 80km. Destination: Mission, BC.

Day 2. Pouring cats, dogs and small farm animals. Distance: 86km. Destination: Hope, BC. Avg Speed: 17.2 km/h.

Day 3. Hitting the hilly section. Distance: 68km. Highest altitude: 1,342m. Destination: Manning Park, BC.

Day 4. Whee… Sunny and downhill. Distance: 90km. Average speed: 19.7 km/h. Destination: Bromley Rock, BC.

Day 5. Sun burnt and so ready for our rest day. Distance: 92km. Average speed: 17 km/h. Destination: Penticton, BC.

Day 6. Wine Tour de Sustainability. Distance: 26.5 km. Destination: Up a steep hill from Naramata, BC.

Day 7. Tunnels, trestles and fording a huge puddle. Distance: 82km. Time on bike: 7hr34min. Destination: McCulloch campground, BC.

Day 8. Escaping the Kettle Valley Railway trail. Distance: 85km. Avg speed: 17.4 km/h. Destination: Westbridge, BC.

Day 9. Hello land of borscht. Distance: 92km. Average speed: 18.3 km/h. Destination: Grand Forks, BC.

Day 10. We got so high today… Top elevation: 1535m. Distance: 93km. Destination: Castlegar, BC.

Day 11. Perogies and hemp beer! Distance: 50km. Avg speed: 17.1 km/h. Destination: Nelson, BC.

Day 12. Spoking at the Co-op. Distance: 63km. Destination: Lockhart Provincial Park, BC.

Day 13. Our first millennium. Distance: 95km. Total distance so far: 1,010km. Destination: Yahk, BC.

Day 14. Sun, rain, hail and thunderstorm. Distance: 103km. Destination: Wardner, BC. Time zone: Mountain.

Day 15. Maria ran over a dog. Both parties survived. Distance: 62km. Destination: Fernie, BC.

Day 16. We are interprovincial. Distance: 76km. Destination: Crowsnest Pass, AB.

Day 17. A night under the bridge. Distance: 95km. Weather: Thunderstorm. Destination: Willow Creek Bridge on Hwy 22, AB.

Day 18. We ❤ Calgary bike paths. Distance: 131km. Cycle time: 7hrs26min. Destination: Calgary, AB.

Days 19-22. Resting in Calgary and hot springs!!! Wooh! Cycling time: 0hrs0min.

Day 23. Back on the saddle. Distance: 85km. Destination: Carseland, AB.

Day 24. Quintessential Alberta: oil and cows. Distance: 141km. Destination: Brooks, AB.

Day 25. Outbiked the thunderstorm. Distance: 108km. Avg speed: 22.2 km/h. Destination: Medicine Hat, AB.

Day 26. Mosquitoes guard the Saskatchewan border. Distance: 91km. Destination: Maple Creek, SK.

Day 27. Tail wind rocks! Distance: 139km. Avg speed: 26.4 km/h. Destination: Swift Current, SK.

Day 28. Moroccan tea in rural Saskatchewan. Distance: 42km. Destination: Henry and Vivian’s farm, SK.

Day 29. Yoga with ticks. Weather: Flash storm at midday. Distance: 120km. Destination: Besant Park, SK.

Day 30. Road kill overload. Distance: 113km. Destination: Regina, SK.

Day 31. Rest day in Regina. Fully recharged!

Day 32. Nest in the BBQ. Distance: 113km. Destination: Fillmore, SK.

Day 33. Happy National Aboriginal Day. Distance: 111 km. Destination: Bear Claw Casino & Hotel, SK.

Day 34. Following moose tracks. Distance: 48km. Location: Moose Mountain Provincial Park.

Day 35. Four helpings of Saskatoon pie. Distance: 114km. Destination: Pipestone, MB.

Day 36. The schnitzel house is upwind. Distance: 108km. Destination: Wawanesa, MB.

Day 37. Made the Glenboro newspaper. Distance: 107km. Destination: St. Claude, MB.

Day 38. Met the Hutterites.

Day 39. Crepe making lesson. Distance: 126km. Destination: Winnipeg, MB.

Day 40. Swam in a lake! Distance: 158km. Destination: Falcon Lake, MB.

Day 41. Hills again. Distance: 135km. Destination: Sioux Narrows, ON.

Day 42. Rest day: mushrooms and skinny dipping.

Day 43. Made the Canada Day fireworks! Distance: 149km. Cycling time: 7hr57min. Destination: Fort Frances, ON.

Day 44. Besieged by mosquitoes. Distance: 75km. Destination: Mine Centre, ON.

Day 45. Sunset dip. Distance: 124km. Destination: Quetico Provincial Park, ON.

Day 46. Woke up with the sunrise. Record departure time: 6:00am. Distance: 155km. Destination: Thunder Bay, ON.

Day 47. Rest day: Thunder Bay is HOT! Max temperature: 33 C.

Day 48. Fishy lunch. Distance: 107km. Destination: Nipigon, ON.

Day 49. Hungry cyclists in an upscale restaurant. Distance: 75km. Destination: Rossport, ON.

Day 50! Wild strawberries. Distance: 120km. Destination: Marathon, ON.

Day 51. Another flat, another thunderstorm. Distance: 106km. Destination: White River, ON.

Day 52. Irish hospitality. Distance: 94km. Destination: Wawa, ON.

Day 53. Superior bathtub island. Distance: 105km. Destination: Montreal River, ON.

Day 54. Smokey the trout. Distance: 133km. Destination: Sault Ste. Marie, ON.

Day 55. Black currant from the Mennonites. Distance: 92km. Destination: Thessalon, ON.

Day 56. Night at the pottery. Distance: 68km. Destination: Algoma Mills, ON.

Day 57. Raccoon for dinner. Distance: 147km. Destination: Manitoulin Island, ON.

Day 58. Yoga class on a permaculture farm. Distance: 28km. Location: Manitoulin Island, ON.

Day 59. Frog on the tent. Distance: 99km. Destination: Bruce Peninsula, ON.

Day 60. Organic brownies and sculptures. Distance: 108km. Destination: Walter’s Falls, ON.

Day 61. A century in Toronto traffic. Distance: 177km!!! Destination: Toronto, ON.

Day 62. Bike and hair makeovers. Cycling for: 2 months! Location: TO, ON.

Day 63. My big fat Russian BBQ. Location: Tdot, ON.

Day 64. Refreshing sumach iced tea @EvergreenCanada Brickworks. Location: Hogtown, ON.

Day 65. Chilling at Books Cafe. Distance: 72km. Destination: Georgina, ON.

Day 66. Turtle chasing. Distance: 103km. Destination: Bobcaygeon, ON.

Day 67. Gone fishing. Location: Pigeon Lake, ON.

Day 68. Out of the rain and into the hot tub. Distance: 113km. Destination: Bancroft, ON.

Day 69. Straw bale house tour. Steepest uphill: 12%. Distance: 78km. Destination: Denbigh, ON.

Day 70. Walked across the Mississippi. Distance: 153km. Destination: Kanata, ON.

Day 71. Piazzola on the steps. Number of desserts consumed: 7. Distance: 115km. Destination: Lefaivre, ON.

Day 72. Montreal a velo. Distance: 133km. Destination: Montreal, QC.

Day 73. A sword juggler and gypsy guitarists. Aahh… Montreal.

Day 74. Culture-filled rest day. Location: Montreal, QC.

Day 75. Surrounded by bike traffic. Distance: 75km. Destination: Joliette, QC.

Day 76. Toothpaste pudding for breakfast, fresh apples for lunch. Distance: 105km. Destination: Trois Rivieres, QC.

Day 77. Fromage tasting! Distance: 70km. Destination: Deschambault, QC.

Day 78. Rest day: eating, drinking and strolling extravaganza. Location: in and around Quebec City, QC.

Day 79. Across the St. Lawrence. Distance: 120km. Destination: St- Vallier, QC.

Day 80. Kamouraska beach partay. Distance: 127km. Destination: St-Germain, QC.

Day 81. Unexpectedly expensive snack. Distance: 120km. Destination: St-Fabien, QC.

Day 82. Last chance swimming in the St. Lawrence. Distance: 147km. Destination: Amqui, QC.

Day 83. Quebec is crying for our departure. Team members: 3! Distance: 112km. Destination: Campbellton, NS.

Day 84. Kicked some hill a$$! Distance: 116km. Destination: Bathurst, NB.

Day 85. Bridge of terror. Distance: 133km. Destination: Saint Louis, NB.

Day 86. Swam in the ocean! The Atlantic one. Distance: 112km. Destination: Moncton, NB.

Day 87. Feasting rest day: lobster for the cyclists, shrimp for the shorebirds. Location: Bay of Fundy, NB.

Day 88. La Fete Nationale de L’Acadie!

Day 89. Across the bridge to PEI. Distance: 124km (+13km of bridge). Destination: Breadalbane, PEI.

Day 90. Jamming at the wharf. Distance: 60km. Destination: Stratford, PEI.

Day 91. Swimming with the seals. Distance: 119km (+ ferry). Destination: Truro, NS.

Day 92. Hello Halifax! Distance: 92km. Destination: Dartmouth, NS.

Day 93. So many beers, so little time. Beers on tap: 60. Time on the road: 3 months!!! Location: Halifax, NS.

Day 94. Chilling day: sail boat, shoe shop and black market. Location: Halifax, NS.

Day 95. Catching the waves. Distance: 114km. Destination: Spry Bay, NS.

Day 96. Accidental century thanks to Google Maps. Distance: 167km. Destination: Antigonish, NS.

Day 97. Sleeping under the stars. Distance: 97km. Destination: Judique, NS.

Day 98. Cycling off into the sunset. Distance: 109km. Destination: Grand Etang, NS.

Day 99. We are hill-proof! Distance: 93km. Max speed: 65.5 km/h. Destination: Cabot Landing Park, NS.

Day 100! She eats seafood on the seashore. Oysters, crab, haddock… Distance: 103km. Destination: North Shore, NS.

Day 101. Rest day – fiddling around. Location: Cape Breton, NS.

Day 102. We are on the air. Distance: 78km. Destination: Sydney Mines, NS.

Day 103. We found it! And it’s new! Distance: 23km + 7 hour ferry. Destination: Cheeseman Provincial Park, NL.

Day 104. Breakfast on the ocean. Distance: 144km. Destination: Barachois Pond Provincial Park, NL.

Day 105. Looking for the pot of gold. Distance: 99km. Destination: Pasadena, NL.

Day 106. Moose? We eat moose for breakfast… And lunch. Distance: 99km. Destination: Berry Hill, NL.

Day 107. 2nd highest peak in NL. Distance: 30km by bike, 16km by foot. Elevation gain: 806m. Location: Gros Morne, NL.

Day 108. Sore legs. Distance: 78km. Destination: Deer Lake, NL.

Day 109. This headwind calls for pie. Distance: 89km. Destination: A forest near Birchy Lake, NL.

Day 110. Gooey cod tongues, relaxation yoga & ninja camping. Distance: 102km. Destination: A forest outside Badger, NL.

Day 111. Occupy visitor centre. Distance: 126km. Destination: Gander, NL.

Day 112. Colourful veggies and never-ending park. Distance: 120km. Destination: Port Blandport, NL.

Day 113. Newfoundland wind is urging us to stay. Distance: 111km. Destination: near Tickle Harbour, NL.

Day 114. This is the end… Or is it?! Distance: 107km. Destination: St. John’s, NL.

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