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Meet Anya’s Friend

14 May

So I haven’t talked to you about my friend yet, so I thought I would show off my new companion before we hit the long road together.

Before we met he was just a new 2011 Norco Cabot, but then the transformation happened. He was upgraded to disc brakes (Avid BB7), straight bar with fancy horny bar ends (Ergon GC3), shifters (Shimano 9 speed) and levers (Avid FR5) to match the bar, solid front (Axiom Journey) and rear (Topeak Super Tourist) racks, virtually puncture proof tires (Schwalbe Marathon Plus), fenders (Axiom Roadrunner), clippy pedals (Shimano SPD) and my good old well molded and tested saddle.

Thank you to the Bike Doctor for the support in the purchase and adjustments. Special thanks to my favourite bike mechanic Alex Ivanov for all the hard work he put into customizing my bicycle.

I present to you the new and improved Cabot, Anya’s edition.

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